Modesto Car AccidentThe California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) conducted a study in Modesto, California, regarding injuries due to car accidents. The Modesto Car Accident Statistics study is designed to help Modesto identify traffic safety problems so that it can develop plans on how to combat those problems. It takes cities of comparable sizes in population and ranks them against Modesto to show where Modesto is doing well in and where it needs significant improvement. It further refines these comparable cities into ranges of population and create groups, so the data is more accurate. For example, Modesto is in Group B, which is defined as a population range from 100,001-250,000 people. There are 57 cities, including Modesto, that are in Group B. It also breaks it down into specific categories, like car accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicyclists. In 2015 (the most recent published study), it found that there were 1,727 car accidents in Modesto that either involved an injury or a fatality. Modesto is ranked 8th out of 57 cities. The lower the rank, the worst the city performed. 1 is the worst, while 57 is the best. Modesto is near the bottom. For car accidents involving bicyclists, there were 95 reported incidents. Modesto ranked 9th out 57. It gets worse if the bicyclist was 14 years old or younger. Modesto ranks 6th out 57. For pedestrian accidents, there were 107 reported cases of car accidents involving pedestrians in Modesto, placing it 14th out of 57. The OTS reported that there 59 motorcycle accidents causing injuries in Modesto. For this category, Modesto was ranked 34th  out 57, the best ranking for Modesto in all categories. Last, alcohol contributed to 164 injuries or death in car accidents. Modesto ranked 12th out 57. Unfortunately, as the statistics show, Modesto is nearly in the bottom half of all categories. In total fatality and injuries alone, it ranked nearly at the bottom against other cities of comparable sizes. Sadly, car accidents in Modesto is part of every day life. Our Modesto car accident lawyers can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. If you’ve been injured in a traffic jam, call R. Sam! Remember: Nothing Recovered, Nothing Owed.

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